Steve Holliday: Oil and gas sector must play major role in tackling climate change

The president of the Energy Institute spoke to ELN at the Energy Live Expo event in London last week, which attracted more than 450 people from across industry

Lords reject government decision to scrap zero carbon homes

The House of Lords has overthrown the government’s decision to scrap the zero carbon homes standard. They voted in the final report stage of the Housing and Planning Bill this week. The policy, which was scrapped by the UK Government last year, proposes all new homes built in England from April 2018 to be zero […]

Bring back zero carbon homes policy, MPs urge

The government must reinstate the zero carbon homes policy to help consumers save money on their energy bills. That’s the call from a committee of MPs, who believe the regulation, which the government said would be scrapped last year, was “positive and ambitious”. Alternatively, it suggests a a similar policy should be set out that […]

Firms urge Osborne “reconsider zero carbon homes”

More than 200 businesses have urged the Chancellor to reconsider the government’s decision to end the zero carbon homes policy. In the “Fixing the Foundations” plan, George Osborne axed the policy which was designed to ensure all new homes built from 2016 would meet zero carbon standards. Mr Osborne also terminated a sister policy which applied to all […]

Queen’s Speech gives green light to frack under people’s homes

Fracking firms were given a boost in the Queen’s Speech today as they will be allowed to drill under people’s homes without permission. The Infrastructure Bill could change trespassing laws, allowing shale gas exploration companies to drill on private land without having to notify the owner. Land and homeowners currently have to give permission for […]

Zero carbon homes project tests energy storage

Scottish supplier SSE is testing out a new way of energy storage at its zero carbon homes project, which could cut the cost of green energy in the long run. The homes in Slough in the South East of England will use three 25kWh lithium-ion batteries which store energy from low carbon sources such as […]