Turn the camera off during your online chats to drastically cut emissions

Turning on the camera emits 25 times more CO2 than calling using audio alone!

Winter is coming: UK households’ energy bills ‘to soar by £107 due to homeworking’

Homeworking during the winter could see the nation’s energy bills rise to as much as £1.9 billion between October and March, according to a new report

Working from home two days a week could ‘help the UK avoid 143 million of tonnes of CO2’

Nearly half of UK workers are concerned about the environmental impact of their travel to and from work, according to a new report

‘Britons could face an average £103 price hike on energy bills’

Household energy bills could soar by £50m as 90 fixed energy deals end in April, according to a new survey

Irish home energy consumption up by as much as 30% in lockdown

A new report from Pinergy and Savills highlights how Covid-19 has changed the patterns of energy consumption in the home

Advocates urge US Congress to halt electricity shut-offs

Utility-justice groups have also asked authorities to implement a waiver of late-payment fees and forgiveness of all bills for low-wealth households

OVO introduces £50m coronavirus support scheme

Eligible customers will be able to receive this support from Wednesday 8th April

Unsafe electrical set-ups ‘could pose fire risk during work-from-home lockdown’

Consumer safety charity Electrical Safety First has looked into the dangers to which many new remote workers may be unknowingly exposing themselves during the coronavirus lockdown

Working from home ‘could cost UK public an extra £52m a week on energy bill’

Uswitch has predicted households where people are working from home will use 25% more electricity and 17% more gas per day

Energy Networks Association announces emergency coronavirus package

The ENA has written to the customers it represents stating around 36,000 energy sector employees were working to ensure that homes in the UK stay powered