US solar panel installations predicted to have risen 43% throughout 2020

A record 19GW of new solar capacity has been installed this year, according to a new report

US energy storage installations skyrocket 240% in third quarter of 2020

The US battery energy storage market is set to soar from 1.2GW in 2020 to nearly 7.5GW in 2025, according to a report

Global solar PV installations to ‘rise by 5% amid Covid-19 pandemic’

Year-on-year growth in installations will continue every year to 2025, topping out at 145GW direct current, according to a new report

Almost $16bn of wind turbine capacity ordered around the world in second quarter of 2020

This figure was 45% down compared to the second quarter of 2019

China would ‘need $5 trillion of investments’ to be carbon-neutral by 2060

The country’s solar, wind and storage capacities will have to increase 11 times by 2050 compared to 2020 levels, according to a new report

‘Nearly 323 million EVs will be on the world’s roads by 2040’

EV sales are predicted to reach 45 million units every year by 2040, according to a new report

‘Global oil demand could peak as early as 2036’

That’s according to energy consultancy Wood Mackenzie, which suggests petrol demand will be the initial driver

Norway’s oil and gas sector not looking good for 2015

Prospects for the Norwegian oil and gas industry are not looking good this year, according to experts. Research by sector analysts Wood Mackenzie, warns that cuts in oil and gas exploration and development will be substantial. This follows the drastic fall in the price of oil towards the end of 2014. Dr Malcolm Dickson, Principal […]

Low oil price “could halve UK spend in 2015”

The amount of money spent on getting oil and gas out of the UK’s stretch of North Sea could halve if low oil prices continue, suggests new analysis by Wood Mackenzie. Its latest yearly review is positive about investment in the UK in 2014, finding it to be in the top 10 countries for “upstream” […]

‘Russia needs foreign money for long term oil production’

Russia needs to attract international investment to its oil and gas sector if it is to maintain production in the long run. That’s according to research and consulting firm Wood Mackenzie, which said the country needed to switch its focus away from the low hanging fruit of conventional onshore projects to more difficult and costly […]