Belarus connects its first nuclear power plant to the grid

Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom, which is developing the project, said the nuclear facility will consist of two reactors, with a total capacity of 2.4GW

Governments ‘must remove barriers to nuclear generation’

Nuclear generation is a competitive option to combating climate change effectively but barriers must be removed. That’s the view of Agneta Rising, Director General of the World Nuclear Association (WNA), who believes barriers are preventing nuclear power from making the full contribution that is needed. Speaking at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Ministerial Conference […]

UK nuclear sector welcomes Hinkley

The UK’s nuclear sector has widely welcomed the final go-ahead for Hinkley. Tom Samson, CEO at NuGen told ELN: “We are glad that Hinkley is now going to progress forward, it paves a way for the nuclear new building horizons in the UK, within NuGen is a part. I think it helps demonstrate that this […]

Hinkley approval: International reaction

  The UK Government’s decision to give the green light to Hinkley could lead to other countries following suit. That’s the view of Agneta Rising, General Director at the World Nuclear Association (WNA), who also said Theresa May’s approval is “very good news for the UK” and the continuation of its good nuclear success. She told ELN: […]

EDF boss Vincent de Rivaz claims Hinkley is historic for the UK

The government’s decision to give the final go-ahead to Hinkley Point C is “an historic moment that marks the relaunch of nuclear in Europe”. That’s the message of EDF Energy’s CEO Vincent de Rivaz following yesterday’s news from the Tory Administration to approve the first nuclear plant for a generation in Somerset. In July, Prime […]

Nuclear sector celebrates UK’s approval for Hinkley

The nuclear industry has welcomed the UK Government’s decision to approve the Hinkley Point C nuclear project. In July, Theresa May delayed the final go-ahead of the first UK nuclear site for a generation to be built in Somerset. The approval follows a “new agreement” with EDF, with “significant new safeguards” imposed by ministers under […]

‘Nuclear energy should be considered at COP21’

Nuclear energy should be considered to tackle climate change and decarbonise electricity systems. Agneta Rising, Director General at the World Nuclear Association (WNA) believes it should be part of the discussions at the COP21 conference in Paris later this year. She told ELN: “There are very few options that are proven and scalable and can be done at […]

‘Britain should take a risk on nuclear energy’

The UK Government should take a risk on nuclear power and utilise its domestic expertise rather than import resources from other nations. That’s the suggestion from Takuya Hattori, President of the Japanese Atomic Industry Forum (JAIF), who was one of the speakers at the ATOMEXPO 2014 event in Moscow this week, which brought together experts […]