Energy bill- where’s the detail? asks shadow minister

The draft legislation given to Parliament this week does not include enough detail to give industry confidence, claims the Shadow Energy Minister. Industry has long been calling for clarification to how market mechanisms will work and Tuesday’s announcement by DECC failed to give exact figures to the energy sector. Labour’s Tom Greatrex told ELN: “I’m […]

Volvo attacks EU over emissions targets

Car manufacturer Volvo has accused the European Commission of threatening jobs, investment and competitiveness in the European car industry through its approach towards emissions targets and vehicle electrification. Volvo raised concerns over the European Commission’s White Paper on Transport, which states that greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector should be cut by at least […]

Water white paper could put off investors

Leading provider of credit ratings, Moody’s Investor Services, say changes to the way price limits are set in the UK have the potential to increase credit risk in the UK water sector. Regulator Ofwat published a consultation document in November 2011 describing how it might set price limits from the start of the next regulatory […]

Charity calls for water metering

Putting a metered price on water is essential if people are expected to value water. These were the words of The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management who are calling for tougher measures from government in the way that we deal with our water issues. The ‘Water White Paper’, launched yesterday, endorses reducing the […]

Water White paper out tomorrow

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has announced that the Water white paper is to be released tomorrow. According to Government, the paper will focus on reforming the water industry for both customers and in order to increase the resilience of UK water supplies in the face of climate change. The White Paper […]

Despite FTSE fall, International Power report profits

International Power announced a 9% increase in operating profits for the first half of the year despite reporting a 6% decline on the London Stock Exchange as one of the FTSE’s leading fallers. Up 9% from last year’s profits at €1,471 million (2010: €1,350 million), the company, 70% owned by France’s GDF Suez, were confident […]

Energy Secretary defends conservative approach

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne defended his energy policies yesterday by claiming that a portfolio approach toward energy was safe, as the future was uncertain. Speaking to the Lords Select Committee for Science and Technology after giving energy National Policy Statements to parliament, Mr Huhne said it would be wrong to pick a favourite form of […]

EMR White Paper published

How will the industry react to the EMR white paper?

Huhne: EMR is "biggest change to market since privatisation"

Chris Huhne today laid out the “biggest change since privatisation” to the electricity market. The Energy Secretary announced the publication of the Electricity Market Reform (EMR) White Paper at Westminster this afternoon. The EMR is the Coalition’s plan to steer the UK towards low carbon energy. Over the next decade a quarter of the UK’s […]

Huhne defends UK energy prices

Energy Secretary, Chris Huhne, is expected to set out plans tomorrow to encourage low-carbon energy generation techniques. Speaking on the Andrew Marr show yesterday he defended the Government’s plans for market reform by claiming that the UK had in actual fact some of the cheapest energy prices in Europe. Mr Huhne refused to believe the […]