Underground line to heat up homes in north London

Waste heat from the Northern Line will be harnessed to provide heating and hot water to around 1,000 homes in Islington

‘More needs to be done to help disabled people get energy efficient’

A new report says more expensive or difficult to engage customers must not be forgotten

Scotland sets target to cut fuel poverty to 5% by 2040

The nation will focus on targeting low income households and implementing effective efficiency measures

Worried about staying warm this winter?

Are you worried about staying warm this winter? Do you need financial help? Well, a new service is urging householders to call for advice. The Home Heat Helpline provides independent help to people and families on low incomes about managing their energy bills, which includes grants for insulation, rebates and new boilers. Karen Roe, a […]

Fuel poverty strategy should have ambition

DECC’s new fuel poverty strategy must have ambition and innovation for it to help tackle “all parts of the problem”. A consumer group made the comment following the Government’s proposal to redefine fuel poverty in the UK. The new plans are expected to help create policies targeted at fuel poor households and help more people […]