The Energy Round-up – January 2015

ELN Reporter Vicky Ellis takes you through the biggest energy stories from January.

Blog: What’s in a word? Ofgem quibbles with “endeavour”

Endeavour – it’s shaping up to be a dirty word in energy regulator Ofgem’s books. We’re not talking about the magnificent ship which took Captain James Cook halfway around the world. No, Ofgem is taking issue with a misplaced endeavour – in the rulebook for the rollout of smart meters. Called the Smart Energy Code, […]

2014: A Year in Energy

ESOS, plunging oil prices and the world’s first ePrix – ELN’s Chief Reporter Vicky Ellis takes you through the year’s biggest stories.

Blog: Failed New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

Take a spin round my neck of the woods, or should I say the urban jungle that is north London and you’ll find the finest Turkish kebab in England if not outside of Turkey. There’s constant temptation to tuck into the juicy, charcoal-cooked ribs, lamb shish kebabs and freshly baked flat breads. It’s a dangerous […]

The Energy Round-up – November 2014

ELN reporter Vicky Ellis reveals the biggest energy stories in November 2014.

Blog: Who should pay for energy TPIs’ good behaviour?

Splitting the bill after a slap-up dinner is sometimes a nails-down-the-blackboard moment of pure social awkwardness. What if they had a whole bottle of vino while you had a single glass? You could be paying more than your fair share! And what if they picked the restaurant and it’s eye-wateringly pricey to start with? Oh, […]

Green night’s sleep attracts sustainable tourists

Hotels are going green to boost their bottom line AND reel in the punters. ELN’s Vicky Ellis visits Qbic, the first London hotel to get a platinum rating in TripAdvisor’s GreenLeader awards, to find out more.

UK should get mandatory energy saving rules says efficiency boss

UK policy should forcibly push businesses towards saving energy suggests Stuart Thorogood, UK & Ireland Country President at Schneider Electric in an exclusive interview with ELN.

Blog: True Blue tick-boxing from Tory Energy Minister

For a man who boasted about ditching tick-box regulation for business, Matthew Hancock’s Tory conference speech was very much a tick-box exercise when it came to energy. The Business and Energy Minister proudly promoted the 3,000 regulations which “have been reversed or reformed by this Government”. (Let’s not forget some of these were as dated […]

Is it SOS time for ESOS energy audits?

Are businesses aware of the new mandatory energy audit rule which big earners must comply with? ELN’s straw poll of the business community at the Energy Event suggests there’s some way to go before everyone gets it.