BP offers supercomputer facility to speed up global Covid-19 mitigation measures

The oil and gas company has joined the US Government-led consortium to find a cure for the global pandemic

New US standards for cleaner fuels to slash air pollution

The US Government claims its new standards for cleaner fuels and cars will enable the nation to have the “greatest pollution reductions” at the lowest cost. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed “sensible” standards for cars and fuel to significantly cut harmful pollution, prevents thousands of premature deaths and illnesses whilst also enabling efficiency […]

US Government provides efficiency fund for rural businesses

The US Government is calling on small businesses in rural areas and agricultural producers to seek help for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is providing funding through its Rural Energy for America Programme (REAP) which aims to help businesses in rural economies cut energy usage and costs. […]

EU investigates China’s solar “dumping”

The European Commission has launched an investigation into Chinese firms alleged “dumping” solar panels into the EU market. It follows complaints from a group of European companies, which was reportedly led by German firm Solarworld. They said Chinese solar producers have been selling panels below market value in Europe. In a report, the European Commission […]