Lowering air pollution levels by 20% ‘could improve children’s ability to learn by one month per year’

At least 500,000 children are exposed to levels of air pollution that would affect working memory, according to a report

Almost half of Britons plan to cut down on flying as coronavirus sparks lifestyle changes

In a new survey, respondents also noted they were now more likely to turn off lights and unused appliances than before the lockdown

University of Manchester makes biotech breakthrough

Researchers say the discovery means they can now convert waste biomass into high-value chemicals more easily and cheaply

Solar gets squeeky with polystyrene power-up

Sleek solar panels could soon be made of a slightly less sparkly substance – polystyrene. That’s according to researchers from the University of Manchester, who say swapping expensive polymers for polystyrene particles could make new types of solar cells more stable and slash the total cost of manufacturing each unit. The scientists behind the discovery […]

Manchester University staff cut fuel use by fifth

Manchester University staff have effectively cut their fuel use by nearly a fifth by using ‘smarter driving’ techniques. Around 100 of the university’s fleet drivers took new training which suggests switching to a higher gear as soon as possible, driving smoothly or at a slower speed. After Smarter Driving training, employees at the university achieved […]

Human waste project trumps the Bill Gates competition

A team of researchers from British Universities has been granted funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a prototype system for recovering drinkable water and harvesting hydrogen energy from human faecal waste. The team of researchers from Imperial College London, the University of Manchester and Durham University beat more than 2,000 other […]

Shale gas boss defends drilling

The boss of a firm drilling for shale gas in Lancashire is mounting a defence of his company’s work as the safety of extracting the gas is increasingly called into question. Cuadrilla Resources is drilling near Kirkham in a bid to extract gas from a vast bed of rock running from Clitheroe to Blackpool. This […]