Wireless device makes carbon-neutral fuel from sunlight, CO2 and water

The breakthrough technology is believed to be a significant step toward achieving artificial photosynthesis and quicker production of clean fuels

Could tinted solar panels boost crop yields and farms’ incomes?

Researchers at the University of Cambridge say they have demonstrated the use of such solar panels to generate electricity and produce ‘nutritionally-superior’ crops simultaneously

Asthma inhalers ‘as bad for the environment as eating meat’

Reserachers suggest switching to alternative, ‘greener’ inhalers would result in large carbon savings

University of Cambridge slashes emissions with dietary switch-up

The university said its implementation of measures such as removing beef and lamb from the menu in 2016 has had a signficant effect on its carbon footprint

University of Cambridge
University of Cambridge accepts calls to further explore divestment options

The move follows increasing concern from staff and students regarding the university’s financial investments in oil, gas and coal businesses

University of Cambridge’s solar project reaches graduation

The university has installed 384kW worth of panels on the roof of its accommodation blocks

Scientists take step forward in solar production of hydrogen

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have used artificial photosynthesis to generate the clean gas

Cambridge Uni’s divestment hunger strikers pack in protest

Three first-year students ended a six-day protest aiming to stop investment in fossil fuels

Cambridge boffins turn biomass into hydrogen

Scientists have developed a way to use sunlight to turn unprocessed biomass into clean hydrogen. The steps to create the new solar fuel are outlined in a research paper from the University of Cambridge, which says the sustainable and relatively cheap process could have significant implications for the future of energy generation. The biomass is suspended in a mixture of catalytic nanoparticles and alkaline […]

Cambridge Uni bans investment in coal, tar sands

The University of Cambridge has blacklisted investments in coal and tar sands companies. In a statement, the institution said it has “no exposure to the most pollutive industries such as thermal coal and tar sands” and “no expectations of having any such exposure in the future”. Its report adds it aims to encourage its fund managers […]