UN and UK launch mission to clear up space junk

Space debris can be a hazard to active satellites and spacecraft

UK Space Agency and Rolls-Royce join forces to develop nuclear-powered spacecraft engine

The technology is predicted to halve the projected duration of journeys to Mars to up to four months

UK launches research into space-based solar power station

The space-based solar power systems would use very large solar satellites to collect renewable energy, convert it into radio waves and safely beam it back to ground-based receivers connected to the electric grid

Scientists develop device that uses bacteria to mine rocks on Mars and the Moon

Researchers found using microbes to recover metals and minerals could be possible in all gravity conditions

Space tech returns to Earth to fight air pollution exposure in hospitals

A patient-centred app will use space data combined with AI to deliver personalised, disease-specific exercise advice with pollution warnings within 10 metres

Scottish ‘pint-sized’ satellites to monitor climate change

They were launched at 4.27am from Sriharikota in India today by the Indian Space Research Organisation

World’s space agencies to set up climate observatory

The heads of several of the world’s space agencies have agreed to set up a climate observatory to pool data and share it with scientists across the world. The UK Space Agency has joined other organisations to commit to working together on activities such as increasing observations of key climate variables and validating the data. […]

Out-of-this-world environmental solutions get funding

The UK Space Agency is funding 10 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to tackle a range of environmental, economic and social issues using satellite technology. As part of the International Partnership Programme (IPP), these businesses and research organisations have been given a total of £338,000 to establish partnerships in developing countries such as Zambia, Ethiopia and Vietnam. The […]

New visualisation tool compares climate data

A new visualisation tool that can compare reliable climate data “quickly and easily” from various sources has been developed. The Climate Data Exploration Demonstrator is being showcased at the European Space Agency (ESA) Living Planet Symposium in Prague this week. It was commissioned by the UK Space Agency’s Climate Data from Space Stakeholders group (CDSSG) […]

New project to supply climate data from space

A new project that will provide a “seamless supply chain” of climate data from space has been launched. The UK Climate Data from Space (CDS) computing zone is expected to boost growth and innovation in the nation’s climate services industries by providing data processing facilities, community tools and software to allow regular production of data […]