London’s Congestion Charge zone helps cut nitrogen dioxide by 24% since 2002

A new report shows carbon monoxide levels also decreased by 62% and sulphur dioxide levels dropped by 60% between 2002 and 2019

New intelligent technology for clean and connected vehicles in EU

They are expected to be deployed on the roads this year

Road traffic and ozone ‘significantly increase asthma risk’

High concentrations can increase the production of mucus and cause contraction of the airway muscles, making it difficult to breathe

Council rejects Cuadrilla’s fracking traffic plans

Lancashire County Council has unanimously voted to reject Cuadrilla’s traffic proposals for its Roseacre Wood exploratory fracking site. The committee will now submit evidence against Cuadrilla at the Public Inquiry regarding the site in April. Councillors stated all three proposed routes were unsafe and unsuitable for large trucks to use, with one saying he was […]

Motorists idling cars ‘should face a fine’

Motorists idling their cars at the school gate or other high risk air pollution areas should receive a fine. That’s the suggestion from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), which has published a list of guidance for local councils to improve air quality and reduce carbon dioxide emissions across England. The group says […]

Paris steps up fight against road pollution

Paris has stepped up its fight against road pollution. Mayor Anne Hildago has announced plans to pedestrianise large areas of the city centre as they become increasingly choked with traffic and harmful emissions, especially from diesel engines. She plans to boost cycling infrastructure by doubling the city’s cycle lanes by 2020. The Rue de Rivoli, one of the […]

“Smoothing” traffic slashes bus emissions

Smoothing out traffic flow could dramatically slash emissions from public buses. Buses in Brighton were fitted with emissions monitoring boxes and tested on multiple trips in normal traffic during business and shopping hours. While passengers weren’t on the buses, they were weighted with ballast and stopped at regular bus stops as if on a normal […]