House of Lords Committee warns of Brexit energy threats

A House of Lords Committee has warned of potential threats posed to the UK’s energy trade if the nation leaves the EU. In a new report, the EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee suggests Brexit risks the UK’s currently “frictionless trade in energy with the EU”. The EU currently supplies around 12% of British gas and […]

Department for International Trade raises £16bn

The Department for International Trade (DIT) has secured more than £16 billion of foreign investment in five months. It states the money raised since the creation of the new department has boosted job creation and industry growth across the whole of the UK, including the energy sector. In November, International Trade Minister Greg Hands spoke to DONG […]

Call for end to EU trade measures on Chinese solar

More than 400 European companies covering all EU member states, have called for an end to the trade measures on Chinese solar modules and cells. In a letter sent to the EU Commission, which includes signatures of SSE, Lightsource and Solacentury, they said the measures are negatively impacting the entire European solar value chain to […]

Gas usage expected to drop – DMR

The use of gas is expected to drop in the next few days to an average of 7.2mcm per day. Flow across the North Sea is down as flows into gas terminal Bacton Shell has dropped. The UK’s Interconnector flow should stay at around 30mcm but the send-out of LNG is expected to go up next […]

Climate change, farming and poverty are a "collective crisis"

The problems surrounding climate change, food production and poverty are ‘inter-related’ and need be treated as a collective crisis. That’s according to a new report released by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), in which its Secretariat Ulrich Hoffman says agriculture is both a driver and victim of climate change. He quotes […]

China tackles EU friction over solar “dumping” complaints

China sent delegates to Europe earlier this week to negotiate the country’s position after allegations they were underselling solar panels. It follows the European Commission’s decision last week to launch an investigation into the solar “dumping” complaints made by EU firms. A handful of EU-based firms alleged Chinese solar producers were selling panels below market […]

Concerns over E.ON’s new energy sales standards

Energy supplier E.ON is getting involved in a business that is of “no concern” to them as a supplier, according to a trade association. The comment was made as the power provider announced its ‘Third Party Intermediary (TPI) Code of Practice’, which is a set of industry standards for energy sales in the UK. TPIs […]

Iran’s major oil customers cut trade

Iran’s oil exports have fallen by an estimated 40% since the start of the year, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). This comes as the country’s major suppliers have cut trade under pressure from the US Government. In its monthly report, the IEA said there has been a reduction in Iran’s exports from 2.5 […]

US wants to tax Chinese solar

The US Commerce Department is planning on slapping a tax on Chinese solar panel imports, reports claim. The move, which is likely to increase existing trade tensions, is aimed at improving American competition. The US Government said Chinese firms were “flooding” the American market thanks to being aided by their own Government subsidies. Gordon Brinser, […]

US unions call for Obama to act on Chinese solar trade

US steelworkers have backed Congress members who have called for protection from the Chinese clean energy sector. The letter to President Obama sent by 59 Congressmen focuses on a recent trade case filed by the US solar energy industry against Chinese imports. The letter confronts what it calls China’s predatory, protectionist and illegal trade practices […]