Tougher laws for metal theft passed

A new law for the scrap metal industry passed today could cut the number of cable thefts in the energy industry. Richard Ottaway, MP for Croydon South’s ‘Scrap Metal Dealers Bill’ proposes a reform of the metal recycling industry, which includes a “rigorous licensing scheme”. This is to ensure every sale of scrap metal is […]

Iceland’s volcanoes to power UK?

Iceland’s volcanoes could power the UK in the next decade. According to reports, the UK is mulling over building an undersea cable – or interconnector – with Iceland to take advantage of its geothermal power resources. Energy Minister Charles Hendry is to visit Iceland to discuss the possibility, he said in a newspaper interview. The link between […]

Power cable theft doubles to 20 attacks a day

Attacks on Britain’s power network because of cable theft doubled to more than 20 a day in 2011 compared with the year before. The worrying statistic is driven by high demand for copper with prices of up to $8,000 a tonne this week. Thieves are targeting the power grid in the hope of selling it […]