Former Shadow Energy Minister heads nuclear trade body

Former Shadow Energy Minister Tom Greatrex has been appointed as the new CEO of the nuclear trade body. He will take up the position at the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) from 1st February, succeeding Keith Parker who has held the position for more than a decade. Mr Greatrex was the Opposition’s lead spokesman for nuclear […]

Labour wants to ban fracking in groundwater protection zones

The Labour party wants to outlaw fracking for shale gas in groundwater protection zones. Groundwater provides a third of the drinking water in England and Wales. The Environment Agency has 2,000 protection zones for groundwater sources such as wells, boreholes and springs. Yesterday Shadow Energy Minister Tom Greatrex tabled a change to the Infrastructure Bill […]

Government offers £10m as coal pits in deep trouble

Two of the last deep mines in the UK are likely to close next year, prompting ministers to arrange a £10 million loan to their owner. Business and Energy Minister Michael Fallon today revealed the Government is scrabbling to avoid the pits shutting any earlier to limit potential damage to the public purse. Last week […]

Green Deal? It’s a “dud deal” says Labour

The Labour Party has slammed the Government’s insulation scheme for performing poorly and called it a “dud deal”. The comments come as new statistics revealed just a few dozen new Green Deal plans were agreed last month. Today Shadow Energy Minister Tom Greatrex repeated his party’s claim to ditch the Green Deal if it wins the next […]

Labour ‘will include energy decarbonisation target’ in manifesto

The Labour Party would include a commitment to decarbonise the power sector by 2030 in its next manifesto, the Shadow Energy Minister has declared. His comments come after beleaguered Conservative MP Tim Yeo’s attempt to get the Government to promise to set such a target by 2014 in the Energy Bill last week failed. There […]

SSE bosses should hand back bonus says Labour

The four bosses at energy supplier SSE who took home bonuses totalling £5.38million should hand them back and bring energy bills down. That’s the demand of the Labour Party which has criticised the firm for awarding the bonuses over the same time SSE was fined a record £10.5million for misspelling to their customers. The sum […]

Only use gas for back-up power finds report

Gas plants should only be used as back up for renewable energy in future while the UK should put in place a 2030 decarbonisation target in the imminent Energy Bill. That’s the conclusion of a new report from the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) which suggests the energy system needs “wholesale transformation”. By comparing four […]

Coalition “infighting” harming UK’s CCS chances?

The UK is at risk of losing ground in the race to develop Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), the technology which sucks carbon out of power stations’ emissions and stores it underground. That’s the warning from Dr Tim Fox, Head of Energy & Environment at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (Imeche) at the first day […]

Energy bill- where’s the detail? asks shadow minister

The draft legislation given to Parliament this week does not include enough detail to give industry confidence, claims the Shadow Energy Minister. Industry has long been calling for clarification to how market mechanisms will work and Tuesday’s announcement by DECC failed to give exact figures to the energy sector. Labour’s Tom Greatrex told ELN: “I’m […]