EU approves Dutch state aid for EVs projects

The European Commission has approved public funding worth €33 million (£23.43m) to build charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) in the Netherlands. It believes the Dutch Green Deal scheme makes EVs a viable alternative in the country as it improves air quality without distorting competition in the Single Market. Local authorities that decide to participate in the […]

Dutch wind turbine co-op ‘breaks crowdfunding world record’

A Dutch company claims to have broken the world record for crowdfunding after it raised €1.3 million (£1.09 million) for a wind turbine co-operative in just 13 hours. The 6,648 ‘wind shares’ were sold by Windcentrale to 1,700 households at €200 (£168) a pop. For the next 12 years ‘windsharers’ will receive their own sustainable […]

Clinton backs 11 countries adopting Iran oil cuts

Eleven countries are “significantly” cutting the oil they buy from Iran, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced in a statement of support yesterday. Japan joins the UK in cutting oil from Iran, alongside EU stalwarts France, Germany and Spain, as well as the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Belgium. Secretary of […]