What’s driven the recent drastic shift in UK power prices?

Our EDF experts explain.

Continued emissions ‘could see 58% of Earth break heat records every year’

Researchers at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology in Melbourne say developing nations and island states are likely to be the worst affected

Delhi hits all-time record temperature for June

A heatwave sweeping across India has seen temperatures in the capital soar as high as 48°C

‘Mosquito-borne diseases will spread as the planet heats up’

The report predicts by 2050, a billion additional people could be at risk from disease-carrying mosquitoes

Scientists say 2018 on course to be fourth warmest year on record

The 20 hottest years recorded have occurred in the past 22 years

Gas demand drops with warm weather

Gas demand in the UK fell “sharply” this morning on the back of warmer temperatures. There’s been a 15% fall since yesterday which is “quite a big drop” according to Gary Hornby, Energy Market Analyst at Inenco. He told ELN: “The LDZ – which is residential demand – dropped, that’s probably people and small businesses […]

Low temperatures last week reduced gas storage levels

The UK saw “strong withdrawal” from gas storage facilities last week due to the fall in temperatures – leaving them only 27% full. The statistics from npower’s weekly market report is in contrast to storage being 43% full at the same time last year. However, Magali Hodgson (pictured), Optimisation Desk Manager at the energy firm […]