Kawasaki Heavy Industries unveils liquid hydrogen tanker

The ship is able to carry 1,250 cubic metres of liquid hydrogen in a single tank and will carry fuel from Australia to Japan

Japanese firms team up to build zero-emission tanker by 2021

The businesses say the vessel will be powered by large-capacity batteries and will operate in Tokyo Bay

Formula One science helps Morrisons trucks save fuel

Engineers are using a technique from Formula One racing cars to help Morrisons trucks save fuel. Experts at Sheffield Hallam University claim they helped a Barnsley-based tanker manufacturer potentially reduce the major supermarket’s fuel use by up to 10%. The team at Hallam Energy used drag analysis to examine the aerodynamic performance of the tanker […]

Fear that New Zealand tanker may disintegrate

The stricken ship off the coast of New Zealand has suffered substantial structural failure, with a crack appearing in the hold on the starboard side. Authorities are worried the ship may break up as half of the ship remains lodged on the reef and the other half moves with the waves. The Rena ran aground […]