Could a toothpaste pill be the minty solution to cutting landfill waste?

Bite, the creator of the sustainable and vegan tooth care solution, believes the answer is yes

Charge Upp your phone with portable fuel cell

It’s the maddening drawback for a smartphone user – running out of battery. A new device to power electronic kit such as phones, tablets and games consoles could change all that – and it’s a miniature fuel cell. Called the Upp fuel cell, it delivers at least one week of charge. It works by taking […]

Watch football in the pub or on tablet – it cuts ‘carbon bootprint’

Would you rather watch the nation’s favourite game in the comfort of your home in front of the big screen or with the lads in a pub? Well, if you’ve always enjoyed the latter, then you’ve been, unknowingly, doing your bit for the environment! A new report by Carbon Trust has revealed sharing a television […]

Gazprom wants £2.4m tablet for CEO

Russian oil giant Gazprom is searching for a tablet worth up to 119.7 million rubles (£2.4m) for its chief executive. The computer device should be based on Apple’s operating system and match the way Alexey Miller’s desktop computer works, according to a tender on the firm’s Gazprom Inform website which appears to have now been […]