GE authorised to use supercomputer to drive wind power research

The Summit supercomputer will be used to conduct ‘otherwise infeasible research’ that is expected to lead to improved efficiencies in offshore wind energy production

BP offers supercomputer facility to speed up global Covid-19 mitigation measures

The oil and gas company has joined the US Government-led consortium to find a cure for the global pandemic

Met Office receives £1.2bn to develop climate and weather supercomputer

It will help to more accurately predict storms, select the most suitable locations for flood defences and predict changes to the global climate

US energy tech R&D to soar higher with new Eagle supercomputer

It will be used by scientists and researchers to advance early-stage research and development

US supercomputers secure $258m of funding

Six US technology firms are to receive a share of $258 million (£203.6m) to increase the energy efficiency of the nation’s future supercomputers. The Department of Energy’s (DoE) Exascale Computing Project (ECP) hopes to deliver at least one such system by 2021 – exascale computers are capable of a billion billion calculations per second and are around 50 […]

Green ‘supercomputer’ developed at Cambridge

An energy efficient ‘supercomputer’ which is as powerful as 4,000 desktop machines running at once has been developed at the University of Cambridge. Called ‘Wilkes’ after computer pioneer Maurice Wilkes, the new system has been rated second in the “Green 500”, a ranking of the world’s most efficient supercomputers. It is the most efficient air-cooled […]

GE research fuel efficiency using mega computer

GE Global Research will work alongside an American research centre to work on improving fuel efficiency using supercomputing. Working with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), the programme aims to accelerate the development of next-generation fuel injectors for GE’s engine fleet. During the testing period, GE will have six months of access to the Sierra […]