Sicily blown away as huge wind park will soon power 10,000 homes

The project’s operations are forecast to avoid the emission of approximately 33,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year

Sustainable stitching squeezed from Sicily’s oranges

  Waste from juiced Sicilian oranges is now being made into sustainable clothes. Adriana Santonocito, a former design student in Milan, had the idea in 2011 to use the abundant amount of orange rinds generated in her native city of Catania to create environmentally friendly textiles. Many thousands of tonnes of citrus fruit are juiced […]

Italy grabs $2bn worth of mafia-linked energy assets

Italian authorities have seized $1.7billion (£1.1bn) worth of renewable energy assets which are linked to the mafia, it was reported yesterday. The country’s anti-mafia agency repossessed assets including 43 wind and solar energy projects, 98 properties and 66 bank accounts owned by Vito Nicastri, the so-called ‘king of wind’. Italian police believe the 57-year-old businessman […]