Serbia’s onshore wind capacity ‘to reach 542MW by 2025’

Serbia’s onshore wind capacity is expected to soar in the next 10 years. A new report forecasts installed wind capacity to increase from just 20MW last year to an estimated 542MW by 2025. It also expects capacity to increase fivefold to 122MW by the end of this year. Serbia aims to produce 27% of its […]

Serbia lent €10m to boost energy efficiency

Serbia has been granted a loan of up to €10 million (£8m) to help boost energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in the country. Komercijalna Banka will use the cash for on-lending to private and municipal borrowers to install energy-saving and green technologies in commercial and municipal buildings. Matteo Patrone, European Investment Bank for Reconstruction […]

Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina sent ALL waste to landfill

For European family members who aren’t in the EU28, recycling appears not to be a priority. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia sent all of their treated municipal waste to landfill dumps. The newly released Eurostat research for 2012 looked at household and small businesses’ trash but not any from […]

South Stream pipeline gets 2012 start date

Gazprom wants to begin building the ‘South Stream’ pipeline in December, a year earlier than planned. The Russian energy firm has announced it is rapidly speeding up the project. Gazprom is touting the pipeline as a way of strengthening Europe’s energy security. It is designed to carry 63 million cubic meters of gas a year […]