What is DECC wearing under its kilt?

Energy Bill has extensive experience working for suppliers, TPIs and other energy companies. Still employed in the industry, he writes exclusively for ELN on the energy issues of the day. Many years ago, I worked for a supplier that owned a large Combined Heat & Power (CHP) unit around the corner from where William Wallace […]

Davey: independence will boost Scots’ energy bills

Energy Secretary Ed Davey today claimed independence could push up Scottish consumers’ energy bills by nearly £200 per household and hundreds of thousands of pounds for a medium sized manufacturer. Energy is a central point in the Scottish National Party’s argument in favour of a ‘Yes vote’ at the Scottish referendum. But today Mr Davey […]

Scots’ independence “won’t affect oil industry” says ex-BP boss

Dr Tony Hayward, the former chief executive of British oil giant BP said this week there will be no effect “whatsoever” on the oil sector if Scotland becomes independent. His remarks contrast with those of current chief executive Bob Dudley, who recently said Scottish independence raises a “question mark” for the firm. The ex-BP boss […]

What could Scottish independence mean for oil and gas?

Colin Pearson, tax expert at EY explains the implications of Scottish independence in the oil and gas sector.

Angela Knight: Britain faces a new energy ‘trilemma’

The head of Energy UK believes Britain is now facing a new three-pronged dilemma in the industry – Who pays? How much? And for what? Speaking at the Energy Live 2013 conference yesterday, Angela Knight said the energy ‘trilemma’ of decarbonisation, security of supply and the cost of energy has been replaced. She believes the […]

Ed Davey tells Scots “We’re greener together”

Speaking to a packed house at All Energy in Aberdeen this afternoon the Energy Secretary made the case for Scotland to guarantee it’s green future by staying within the UK. Heaping praise on the energy sector north of the border he said: “Since becoming Energy Secretary this is my ninth trip to Scotland to date […]