Cambridge academic energy fraudster pocketed £1m of green grants

Dr Ehsan Abdi-Jalebi has been jailed for four years following a National Crime Agency investigation

Six men jailed over £17m solar panels scam

They targeted 1,500 elderly, retired and vulnerable people over more than two years

Fraudulent firms’ £3.5m carbon credit scams

The management teams of two companies running carbon credit scams have been banned from trading. The disqualifications follow an Insolvency Service investigation into their fraudulent selling of voluntary emission reductions (VERs), a type of carbon credit, to members of the public as an investment. Both companies lied about the nature of the VERs they were selling, which are intended to be retired by businesses or individuals to […]

Carbon credit network shut down over £36m boiler room scam

A major network which sold carbon credits to the public for investment has been shut down. According to the Insolvency Service, a total of 19 companies were involved in a boiler room scam, selling “well over” five million carbon credits to the public for more than £36 million. A carbon credit is a certificate or […]

Elderly targeted in £24m carbon credit scam

The Government has shut down 19 companies in the last 15 months for scamming £24 million from investors by selling them virtually worthless carbon credits. The Insolvency Service said the companies had “ripped off” more than 1,500 investors, most of them elderly. The now defunct firms flogged victims Certified Emission Reduction Units (CERs) using high-pressure […]