National Grid: Should it use more balancing services?

National Grid is asking the industry whether it should continue to use additional balancing tools for winters 2016/17 and 2017/18. They help manage with uncertainty around electricity margins, i.e the amount available between supply and demand. Prior to winter 2014/15, National Grid introduced Supplemental Balancing Reserve and Demand Side Balancing Reserve to help balance a tighter […]

Firms picked to use less power for cash

National Grid has awarded contracts for an extra 2.56GW of electricity to cover potential higher demand during winter 2015/16. The reserve capacity is estimated to cost around £36.5 million – or 50 pence per year on the average consumer’s electricity bill. That’s in comparison to £31.3 million for the extra 1.1GW bought for winter 2014/15. […]

National Grid’s standby power plants are just “prudent”

The UK’s grid operator downplayed fears of blackouts today, describing its decision to bring forward plans to have power stations on emergency standby as “prudent”. A string of nasty surprises at power stations over the summer – from fires to cracks in boilers – put several plants the grid was relying on out of business […]

National Grid seeks extra electricity for winter

A scheme to tap extra electricity capacity during the winter months has been brought forward by a year by National Grid following a number of unexpected plant outages. It has launched a tender for its Supplemental Balancing Reserve (SBR) in a bid to meet the requirements for winter 2014/15. National Grid is asking power generators […]