Britain could face power cuts 'next winter'

Britain could be hit by power cuts as early as next winter as electricity supply in the country is “close to it limits”, experts warn. The UK’s power capacity margin – which is the difference between the amount of energy that can be generated and the possible peak demand – is expected to be low […]

We need greener shipping power say engineers

Mention nuclear power and ships in the same sentence and you’re more likely to think Navy submarine than a goods tanker. But nuclear-propelled ships are one idea being mulled over by engineers this week as the future of low carbon shipping. Shipping accounts for around one billion tonnes of the world’s emissions every year, 3% […]

Overhaul to heating needed to meet 2050 targets

The UK will miss its CO2 emissions target for 2050 unless the way buildings are heated is fundamentally changed. This is according to a new report published by the Royal Academy of Engineering, which says the 80% cut in emissions set by the 2008 Climate Change Act will be missed. The report, ‘Heat: degrees of […]