MEPs call for suspension of commercial launch of nuclear plant in Belarus

They have voiced ‘serious concerns’ over the safety of the Ostrovets nuclear plant, with Parliament criticising the ‘hasty commissioning’ of the facility

Belarus connects its first nuclear power plant to the grid

Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom, which is developing the project, said the nuclear facility will consist of two reactors, with a total capacity of 2.4GW

Talking Energy: Andrey Rozhdestvin (Rosatom)

Sumit Bose talks to Andrey Rozhdestvin (Rosatom) in the latest edition of Talking Energy.

‘UK going ahead with Hinkley Point C is positive sign for global nuclear industry’

Andrey Rozhdestvin, CEO of ROSATOM France, said the UK’s decision to go nuclear had a significant global impact

Russia launches floating nuclear power plant

The Akademik Lomonosov is said to be capable of generating enough power for a town of up to 100,000 people

Russia’s ROSATOM: ‘Business is business’

The state-owned nuclear corporation said it tries to steer clear of political tensions when conducting international trades

Russia’s ROSATOM: ‘Nuclear power is a vital element of a low carbon mix’

Andrey Rozhdestvin, CEO of ROSATOM France, said it can help support decarbonisation goals and international climate obligations

Talk to the people says Russian nuclear chief

CEO of ROSATOM France says Soviet legacy of silence won’t work today…

Russia starts building Turkey’s first nuclear power plant

The facility is expected to provide 10% of the nation’s electricity requirements

Russia’s nuclear production hits atomic heights

Russian nuclear energy production increased up to 18.9% last year. That’s according to Rosatom, the nation’s nuclear energy body, which says this has increased from 18.3% in 2016. In 2017, electricity generation from Russian nuclear power plants reached nearly 203 billion kWh, a marked rise on the 196 billion kWh of power produced in 2016. […]