Digital technologies help boost earnings at Johan Sverdrup oil field

Equinor says digital solutions helped increase subsurface understanding, ensure more efficient start-up of wells, higher stable production and more efficient maintenance

New £300m investment to make manufacturing smarter

It will support businesses in implementing new technologies to improve their manufacturing productivity, create highly skilled jobs and slash carbon emissions

ABB’s submersible robots ‘halve cost of transformer maintenance’

The technology firm has used its submersible robotic technology to help silicon producer Simcoa Operations safely, quickly and efficiently inspect one of the two power transformers its manufacturing facility relies upon

Could ‘robotic ant’ solar tech put humans out of a job?

Osoji Solar seems to think so – it says its dust-cleaning devices could significantly boost solar efficiency

Autonomous inspection droids overhead!

SSEN and Williams have teamed up to develop safe and efficient power line maintenance robots

Could AI robots soon inspect radioactive nuclear sites?

Computer scientists are developing a dedicated bimanual robot arm which will be mounted on a mobile platform

Robots battle in nuclear clean-up challenge

Five projects have been awarded a total of £8.5 million to develop robots that can tackle some of Sellafield’s most radioactive hotspots. The robots controlled by smart auto navigation systems made it through to the final stages from a shortlist of 15, each receiving up to £1.5 million to build prototype demonstrators for testing in a simulated […]

Robots run solar farm

Robots are helping to run a solar farm based in the grounds of a college in Northern Ireland. The 48kW complex in South West College, Enniskillen is using the robots to align the panels to catch the most sunlight. They run along the rails between the solar arrays and adjust their angle as the day […]

Ofgem awards £59.4m for network innovation projects

Ofgem has chosen 10 projects to receive a total funding of £59.4 million for innovation in transporting energy around Britain. It is part of the regulator’s three innovation competitions that aim to make the energy networks smarter, accelerate the development of low carbon energy and help consumers save money. Successful projects include developing robots to […]

Mobile robots help cut solar costs

A US robotics company has built “solar robots” that could cut the cost of energy from solar farms. The machines, built by California-based QBotix, are expected to cut costs by around 20%. The firm claims the “robots” are operated by a single battery that manages the rotation of up to 200 panels at a fraction […]