Encouraging staff to cut energy use 'can save firms £300m'

UK bosses are “missing out on £300 million worth of savings a year” by failing to engage employees in reducing energy and waste in the workplace. New research released by the Carbon Trust highlights that while 92% of workers are concerned about the cost of energy at home, only 47% have the same concern for […]

Schools could save £70m by being efficient

UK schools could save around £70 million a year by implementing energy efficient measures. The Carbon Trust is writing to all schools and education authorities urging them to be more efficient to cut their £500 million a year fuel bill and save up to £21,500 every year. Reducing their energy costs could also cut emissions […]

Nationwide teaching staff to be efficient

The world’s largest building society Nationwide is teaching its staff to become more energy efficient with an online behaviour change tool. Working with advisors at the Carbon Trust, the firm hopes to save money and cut carbon emissions by teaching workers in its branches with a software programme called Empower. The online tool uses a […]

Empower staff with carbon saving

Businesses can now improve their energy savings through an online tool created by the Carbon Trust. ‘Empower’ allows staff to make practical decisions through an interactive tour of a typical workplace. The Carbon Trust says the new tool could save UK businesses and public bodies £500 million across the UK if companies encourage their employees […]

Electric motors could save over £630 million

The use of electric motors and variable speed drives could save the UK more than £630 million, according to the new Carbon Trust guide. The guide claims that by fitting the variable drives and higher efficiency motors, a medium-sized business using electricity worth £50k could save £5k annually. The variable drive works by running an […]