Gaia says no! Episode 7 – Religion

The majority of humans are religious so shouldn’t we use that influence to change our behaviour?

Pope Francis considers adding ‘ecological sin’ to Catholic Church

He said there are plans to update the Catechism of the Catholic Church to include environmental damages that risk “the common home” of humanity

Interfaith communities fast at COP22 to raise climate awareness

Multiple religions fasted together at COP22 in Marrakech to raise awareness for those most at risk from climate change. The event, which was organised by the ‘Fast for the Climate’ group, included the two largest faith charities in the UK, Islamic Relief UK and Christian Aid, alongside many others. As the latest UN climate conference […]

Faith leaders urge rapid ratification of Paris Agreement

A total of 270 high-level religious leaders are urging nations to “promptly sign and ratify the Paris Agreement”. The Paris deal which aims to limit the rise of global temperatures well below 2°C was agreed in December by 195 countries and is expected to be signed by more than 130 nations at the UN headquarters this […]