Ofgem and Ofwat ‘must prove they are effectively responding to consumer concerns’

The National Audit Office says regulators, including those covering energy and water, have not been specific enough in defining the overall outcomes they want to achieve for consumers

‘Liberal power markets make everyone better off’

A European innovation engine has said liberal power markets make both consumers and producers better off. InnoEnergy, together with FUNSEAM and the Chair of Energy Sustainability at the University of Barcelona, has developed new models to allow regulators to assess the potential outcomes of their choices on the retail price of electricity, income transfers between producers […]

Ex-regulators fear Ofgem reforms reduced competition

Changes to the energy market by watchdog Ofgem may have led to “weaker” competition between suppliers, five ex-regulators suggested this week. Their comments imply less choice for tariffs may have been available to consumers as a result. Ofgem’s interventions in 2008 – after they were at the helm – meant the domestic energy market “started […]

Fukushima report points finger at TEPCO and regulators

Japan’s nuclear regulator and the Fukushima power plant’s operator have been criticised for buying into the “myth” of nuclear safety in a new report. According to the Japanese government panel appointed to look into the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant in 2011, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and the regulator didn’t plan for […]

First new US nuclear licence in three decades approved

Approval of the first new nuclear operating licence in the USA for at least three decades is being hailed as a “crucial step” in revitalising the country’s nuclear industry by an American trade group. US federal regulators yesterday gave state utility Georgia Power a licence to build two new reactors near its existing nuclear plant. […]

Government "shied away" from mandatory water changes

Government has “shied away” from making its radical changes to the water sector mandatory. Yesterday Defra brought out plans to boost competition in the water sector by making it easier for new suppliers to enter the market and allow businesses to pick and choose who they buy water from. Commenting on the news, Bill Easton, […]

Centrica boss digs at regulator

The chief of British Gas-owner Centrica has made a subtle dig at the regulator for changes to the energy market. At the Economist’s UK Energy Summit yesterday, CEO Sam Laidlaw criticised regulators without explicitly naming the UK energy watchdog. He said: “Consumers are being given the misleading impression that – if only the market was […]