Australia’s million dollar hydrogen project

The facility aims to make it easier for hydrogen cars and trucks to refuel

ITM Power launches new division to manage energy storage and hydrogen refuelling assets

Called ITM Motive, it will be established as a separate, wholly-owned subsidiary

Mobile hydrogen refuelling station gases up and hits the road

Hylium Industries says its liquid hydrogen storage truck is safer and more efficient than high-pressure gas refuelling stations

Rapid refuelling at Liverpool Port to boost HGV efficiency

The Port of Liverpool has opened a 24-hour rapid refuelling station. Certas Energy partnered with the Peel Ports Group to open the site, which has been under construction for 12 weeks. The station will provide diesel, gas oil and AdBlue for truck drivers. High-speed pumps will pump 120 litres of fuel a minute and allow […]

EU nations obliged to set ‘common’ alternative refuelling points

European member states are now obliged to build refuelling points for clean fuels with common standards for their design and use. Under new EU rules adopted today, nations will have to provide a minimum infrastructure for alternative fuels such as electricity, hydrogen and natural gas as well as a common plug for recharging electric vehicles. […]

Wales nuclear plant offline

A nuclear reactor in Anglesey off the north west coast of Wales has been taken offline. One of the reactors at the Wylfa nuclear power station, which powers two wind turbines, had refuelling problems on Sunday. Its operators Magnox are still investigating the cause of the failure. Recently the plant was given permission to move […]

£11m fund boosts low carbon truck trial

An £11milion fund from the Government is set to help fleet operators test out new low carbon technology. The £23million programme, managed by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) in partnership with the Department for Transport (DfT) and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles, is aimed at encouraging the use of clean fuels for heavy goods […]