‘Water sector could feel more pressure in post-coronavirus era’

That’s the suggestion from Josh Gill, CEO at Everflow Group who spoke to ELN about how the pandemic is affecting the water market

‘An economic crash could cost more lives than the coronavirus’

Professor of Risk Management tells ELN the economic fallout from lockdown could be more deadly than the virus itself

Brazil cancels 25 green projects

Brazil has cancelled 25 renewable projects after developers requested to return construction licences. In total, 16 wind farms and nine solar parks were scrapped as financially struggling firms were allowed to step back from their plans by paying a combined total of $33.4 million (£26m) in fees. The move marks the country’s first ‘cancellation round’ for […]

npower owner to cut 6,700 jobs across Europe

The npower owner RWE has said it is to cut 6,700 jobs across Europe, after predicting a difficult next year in the company’s third quarter results. A spokesperson told ELN the equivalent of this many jobs would be cut but it was unclear exactly what this entails. RWE has announced its profits (EBITDA – Earnings […]

Huhne warns of either/or green policies

Former Energy Secretary Chris Huhne says the Government’s growth policies must include the green agenda if it is to succeed. Investing in industries such as energy efficiency and renewables could help the UK climb out of recession, he added. Speaking to the Guardian, Chris Huhne said: “Much of our economic debate implies we must choose between […]

Wind sector growing twice as fast as EU economy

Wind power is a “recession-busting” industry which is countering the economic problems of the European Union. That’s the claim from the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), which says the wind sector grew more than twice as fast as the EU’s economy in 2010. The figures from the ‘Green Growth’ report released yesterday suggest the sector […]

New recession looms over oil price, says IEA

If oil prices continue to rise, the world could be plunged back into recession. That’s the warning form the International Energy Association’s Chief Economist, who said that oil price spikes have preceded each global recession since the early 1970s. Dr. Fatih Birol, IEA Chief Economist said: “The current price levels are on average higher than […]

Energy supply industry is ‘recession-proof’

The energy industry is virtually ‘recession-proof’ with suppliers still making ‘healthy profits’ says a consumer group. Consumer Focus claims today’s annual results from ScottishPower and British Gas show energy firms are on steadier ground than they claim. Both firms posted a drop in earning although they still made several hundred million pounds of profit. Adam […]

Recession cuts air pollution

A drop in air pollution has been linked to the recession. A yearly report for the EU on air pollution found that emissions of nearly all the main pollutants fell across Europe in 2009.Analysis by the European Environment Agency, who put together the report, showed the economic recession to be a key factor. Reduced energy […]