Landlords ‘illegally letting 35,000 energy inefficient properties’

New research suggests an estimated 2.5m energy performance certificates have been ‘inaccurately rated’

Inefficiency means ‘renters overpaying by £13m a month’

Pockets of inefficient rented housing in the UK mean tenants are overpaying on energy by around £13 million every month. That’s according to a new study by insurance firm AXA, which suggests despite UK landlords generally making significant energy efficiency improvements in the last two years, as many as 200,000 homes could still be in breach […]

500,000 UK properties have potential for solar power

An aerial mapping company has calculated that 500,000 properties in the UK have potential for solar power. Using aerial photography, Bluesky has determined half a million properties have the potential for solar power in the UK. The company also uses 3D computer modelling to decide the suitability of individual properties and the optimum size of […]