‘World’s oceans could be flooded with 1.5bn face masks by the end of 2020’

Oceans globally face an additional 4,680 to 6,240 tonnes of marine plastic pollution, fuelled by the use of single-use PPE

Project converts plastic bottles into PPE suits for Thai hospitals

HSBC has joined the initiative by donating empty drinking bottles used by its staff

France to issue fines as high as €135 for dropping masks and gloves on the streets

This is part of a campaign, which aims to raise awareness about the risk of microplastics spreading in the air, water and food chain

Majority of UK waste bins ‘contain dangerous used PPE’

That’s the suggestion from clinical waste collection company Business Waste, which suggests up to 80% of domestic and business bins contain possibly hazardous COVID-19-contaminated rubbish

BP to donate 3m gallons of jet fuel to help with Covid-19 relief in US

The fuel will be used for charter flights carrying PPE – the energy giant claims associated carbon dioxide emissions will be offset through certified US projects

Brazilan city to generate 69% of energy from renewables

The largest city in Brazil aims to generate 69% of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2020. The state government of Sao Paulo (pictured) launched the ‘Plan Paulista de Energia’ (PPE) – which proposes policies for the sustainable development of the state – and increased its renewables target from the current 55%. According to […]