Wales launches action plan to manage carbon-storing peatlands

Peat is made up of organic carbon which has been trapped in the earth for thousands of years and plays a crucial role in naturally trapping and storing carbon

Conserving tropical peatlands ‘is vital to protecting humans from infectious disease’

An international study team led by the University of Exeter suggests protecting such areas could even reduce the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic

Scotland commits £11m to restore carbon-storing peatlands

Peat soils in Scotland cover around 25% of the country, with the vast areas providing a natural sink of carbon emissions when left undisturbed

Germany pledges €2m to support peatlands and cut emissions

Peatlands are said to store twice as much carbon as all the world’s forests

Valuable wetlands ‘disappearing three times faster than forests’

Wetlands are considered among the world’s most economically valuable ecosystems and essential regulators of the global climate

UK sinks £10m into bogs

More than 6,500 hectares of peatlands will help store an estimated 23,000 tonnes of carbon per year

Wetlands ‘could prove crystal ball for climate change’

The changing condition and size of wetland areas could help researchers predict the rate of climate change. That’s according to a new study from groups including the University of Exeter, University of Sussex, University of Sheffield, University of Edinburgh and the Natural Environment Research Council Radiocarbon Facility. They say frozen ground in these areas, also […]

New £8m peatland restoration plan to cut emissions

The Scottish Government has launched an £8 million fund to help restore peatlands and cut emissions. Around 1.7 million hectares of Scotland are covered in peatlands. If left in a degraded condition, they produce greenhouse gas emissions rather than act as a sink for soaking up carbon. The new funding will double the amount of […]