Online platform helps financial institutions measure climate impact

Around 120 financial institutions have access to the platform, with $5.8bn of climate disbursed loans reported so far

Japan launches online platform for sustainable recovery from COVID-19

It offers a dedicated source of knowledge for both governments and non-state stakeholders, expected to speed the efficiency of action taken

Kazakhstan launches online hub for greenhouse gases reporting

An online platform to monitor, report and verify emissions sources and greenhouse gases has been launched in Kazakhstan. It is part of the National Emissions Trading System, which was launched in 2013 as the nation’s main instrument to regulate domestic CO2 emissions. The platform enables major emitters to transmit and record data on emissions as […]

Digital platform to cut industrial energy costs by 6.7%

A digital platform could help businesses such as Mars cut industrial energy costs by 6.7% a year. That’s according to provider 2degrees, which conducted a 40-company trial of its ‘Manufacture 2030 bee’ online tool, with businesses expected to save an average of more than £160,000 annually. The organisation hopes the platform will be able to […]

Cities go smarter and green with new online platform

A smart cities platform has been launched by a trade body to create cleaner, greener and more sustainable urban environments. The Environmental Industries Commission’s (EIC) cross-sector, free to access online tool aims to bring different smart technologies and big data together, match cities facing environmental challenges with new, innovative solutions and provide an evidence base to […]

Kazakhstan develops online emissions reporting platform

A new online platform for greenhouse gases reporting is being developed in Kazakhstan. The electronic platform or “cadaster” will allow major emitters make online submissions in accordance with new amendments to the nation’s Environmental Code. The system is expected to be fully operational by the end of this year. It will also support the re-launch […]