BP kicks off production at giant Oman gas field

The block, comprising of both Khazzan and Ghazeer, has the capacity to deliver around 35% of Oman’s total gas demand

BP to use drones and thermal imaging to monitor methane emisisons

Gas cloud imaging technology has already been tested and installed in existing facilities such as the giant natural gas Khazzan field in Oman

Flag of Oman
UK firm wins tender to keep the sun shining on Oman’s rooftop solar

PassivSystems’ management platform aims to make sure the panels are as well suited to the desert environment as possible

BP starts production from giant Oman gas field

Production has started at a giant gas field in Oman. Phase One of the Khazzan field, operated by BP in partnership with Oman Oil Company Exploration and Production, is expected to plateau at one billion cubic feet of gas per day (bcf/d). Once the second phase is up and running, production is expected to rise […]

BP extends scope of gas project in Oman

BP is extending the exploration and production sharing licence of a gas project in Oman. The UK energy giant and Oman Oil have agreed to develop the second phase of the Khazzan natural gas field by extending Block 61. It represents one of the largest unconventional tight gas accumulations in the Middle East, according to […]

BP awards $730m contracts for Oman gas field

BP Oman has awarded two long-term drilling contracts with a value of more than $730 million (£453m). The Khazzan Project involves a drilling programme of around 300 wells in total over 15 years to deliver production of around one billion cubic feet of gas per day. That’s equivalent to an increase of around a third […]

Oman signs $16bn gas deal with BP

British oil giant BP will drill and sell gas to Oman for 30 years after the two signed a $16 billion (£9.8bn) deal today. It’s the largest new ‘upstream’ project in the Middle Eastern sultanate – that is, in fossil fuel production rather than processing. The Khazzan field has a gas reservoir in sandstone and this ‘tight’ gas […]

Oil tanker hijacked by suspected Somali pirates

A Greek-owned oil tanker has apparently been hijacked off the coast of Oman by suspected Somali pirates. Reports claim the Liberian-flagged ship Smyrni, carrying 135,000 metric tonnes of crude oil, was seized on Thursday in the Arabian Sea. A crew of eight is said to be on board the vessel. A statement from the tanker […]

RSS counters power shortages in Oman

Rental Solutions & Services (RSS) has been drafted in by authorities in the Sultanate of Oman to counter power shortages. High demand in the summer months is known to cause outages in countries across the Gulf. RSS will provide 80MVA of temporary power, including generators and air conditioning across four different locations in Oman. Robert […]

Oil tanker hijacked off Oman

An oil tanker carrying crude worth around £125m has been hijacked off Oman. The ship, the Irene, is owned by a Greek shipping company and was on its way from the Arabian Gulf to the Gulf of Mexico. Reports suggest the ship came under siege from armed men and so far there has been no […]