Nigeria spill case against Shell to be heard in English courts

Case revolves around 40,000 people affected by oil pollution in the Niger Delta

Court rules Shell must pay farmers over oil spills

Shell Nigeria is liable for damages from pipeline leaks in the villages of Oruma and Goi, the Hague Court of Appeals said in a ruling

Nigeria partners with World Economic Forum to fight plastic pollution

In 2018, Nigeria was estimated to have discharged around 200,000 tonnes of plastic waste into the ocean per year, while its annual plastics production is projected to grow to 523,000 tonnes by 2022

UN, Nigeria launch $15m electronics waste initiative

Nigeria generated 290,000 tonnes of e-waste in 2017 and also remains a major recipient of used electronics from abroad

Nigerian bank invests in solar power solutions

Daystar Power is working with Unity Bank to help it transition to clean solar generation

Nigeria banks on solar energy access with renewable collaboration

Daystar Power is also to equip branches of the Nigerian Bank of Agriculture with solar panels

EU e-waste ‘being illegally shipped to Nigeria’

The annual volume of total imported e-waste was assessed at around 60,000 metric tonnes in both 2015 and 2016

Nuclear reactor review service begins in Nigeria

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has launched a new peer review service to assist countries in developing nuclear research reactor infrastructure. The first review has taken place in Nigeria which is planning to build the country’s second research reactor – it will be used for experiments, development, education and training. The operation of a […]

Russia to build nuclear power station in Nigeria

Russian energy giant Rosatom is to build and operate a nuclear power plant in Nigeria. The two nations have also signed agreements for the construction of a research centre housing a multi-purpose nuclear research reactor. They will conduct feasibility studies for the project, which will include site screening as well as establishing the capacity, equipment […]

ExxonMobil discovers 1bn barrels of oil off Nigeria

ExxonMobil has announced it has discovered up to one billion barrels of oil in Nigeria. One of its wells, Owowo-3, found around 140 metres of oil-bearing sandstone reservoir. It was safely drilled to 3,173 meters in 576 meters of water. That well extends the resource discovered by the Owowo-2 well, which encountered about 157 metres of oil-bearing […]