Guest Blog: Nick Boyle – Solar and Storage – So Close We Can Almost Taste It

The CEO of Lightsource says while solar and storage won’t be a good fit for every single site, it is a viable solution for some businesses

Guest Blog: Nick Boyle – UK Solar Market – Light at the End of the Sleeve?

It’s the question on everyone’s lips at the moment (everyone in solar circles, anyway) – are we finally reaching the point where solar can be developed to be competitive with the grid, providing an unsubsidised renewable power supply for corporate customers? Can additional renewables compete with the secondary market of subsidised assets? Well, it might […]

Guest Blog: Nick Boyle – The Building Blocks of a Successful PPA

Everyone’s pretty au fait with the general shape of a PPA – renewable developer meets end user, and both live happily ever after with a mutually beneficial purchase agreement – but for many people the rest of the details are a little hazy. There’s a lot more to a PPA than just settling on a […]

Guest Blog: Nick Boyle – PPAs aren’t just for tree huggers anymore!

For a small island that receives comparatively little sunshine, Great Britain has a remarkable history of paving the way for solar power. The nature of corporate/end-user power purchase agreements (PPAs) in the UK has certainly come a long way since the first one was signed in 2007. Decades of climbing prices had finally triggered demand […]

Guest Blog: Nick Boyle – Green can’t just be a badge it’s business!

We’re all too aware of the pressures to improve CSR credentials and serious initiatives such as COP21 and RE100 have put carbon emissions reduction firmly back on the agenda for many businesses. Switching to renewable energy can certainly help organisations gain a greener competitive edge but do I think that any of the largest companies […]

Guest blog: Nick Boyle – Your electricity costs, why pay more?

If I said to a CFO, I will fix your transport costs or employment costs for the next 20 years…they’d rip my arm off, so why not power ? Given the choice, any sensible business will put into place appropriate measures to hedge against the rising costs of operations; from employment and transport costs to […]