First passengers ride Virgin Hyperloop as part of milestone trial

The vehicle uses technology claimed to be capable of transporting people at 1,000 kilometres an hour

Lithium mine in Nevada could provide ‘quarter of global supply’

Lithium Americas says it has huge plans to develop the McDermitt Caldera

Tesla opens $5bn Gigafactory

Electric vehicle (EV) maker Tesla has officially opened its ‘Gigafactory’ in Nevada. The $5 billion (£3.75bn) lithium ion battery factory is expected to produce enough batteries for around 500,000 Tesla cars every year. The firm also expects the site to reach full capacity and produce more batteries annually than what was produced worldwide in 2013 […]

Solar policy changes ‘force 550 job cuts’ in Nevada

A solar company has announced it has been forced to cut 550 jobs as a result of new regulations in the state of Nevada. It comes as Governor Brian Sandoval’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC) announced residential and commercial consumers would receive lower, wholesale payments for selling excess power from rooftop solar units to the grid […]

US invests $63k on climate change education

An institute in Nevada has been awarded more than $63,000 (£40,950) to develop an environmental education project. The Great Basin Institute aims to help students improve their critical thinking skills related to climate change. They will learn how to plan and conduct scientific investigations, analyse data and use mathematical and computational thinking. The project will […]

Tesla picks Nevada to host EV battery Gigafactory

Car manufacturer Tesla has confirmed its giant electric vehicles battery ‘Gigafactory’ will be built in Nevada, US. The 456,000 square metre facility is expected to produce enough batteries for 500,000 Tesla cars every year. The plant – expected to cost between $4 billion (£2.5bn) to $5 billion (£3bn) – will be a “net zero energy […]

Native American tribe breaks ground on solar

A giant stretch of solar panels are being built on tribal lands in Nevada, USA. The project on the Moapa Indian Reservation is said to be the first utility-scale solar project on tribal lands. Energy company First Solar and community leaders broke ground (pictured) on the 250 megawatt (MW) project project last week. Due to […]

Solar tower will generate power at night

A developer of solar thermal technology has completed the building of a 540 foot tower in Nevada, taking it one step closer to providing power from the sun, at night time. US company SolarReserve is building a system which works by heating molten salt, which can then be stored for up to 15 hours before […]