China boosts shale gas production

Shale gas production in China reportedly rose by more than five times to 200 million cubic metres last year. The nation’s daily output of shale gas has exceeded two million cubic metres, with around 30 million cubic metres produced in 2012, according to reports. The Chinese Government has pledged to accelerate exploration of the unconventional […]

China’s wind generation up 41% in 2012

China generated 100.8 billion KWh (kilowatt hours) of wind power in total last year – marking a 41% rise from 2011. A statement from the country’s National Energy Administration said the amount represented around 2% of China’s total electricity sent through the state grid and saved 32.86 million tonnes of coal, 167 million tonnes of […]

China to smash 60GW wind power

China’s grid-connected wind projects are expected to exceed 60GW by the end of the year – making it the country’s third largest power source. Speaking at the ‘China Windpower’ conference in Beijing, the Vice Director of the country’s National Energy Administration said wind farms would generate more than 100 billion kWh of energy by the […]

China tells nuclear plants to boost safety

China has told three of its nuclear plants to improve their safety management, according to media reports. The Chinese Government is said to want around 80 billion yen (£8bn) spent on improving the plants under its 12th Five Year Plan up to 2020. The safety improvements could include tsunami-proofing, according to the country’s National Energy […]

China launches renewable energy thinktank

China has launched its first ever national renewable energy thinktank. The news comes as China announced plans to slash its industrial energy use by a fifth. The China National Renewable Energy Centre will carry out research and develop new policies to aid the country’s climate change efforts. Liu Qi, deputy head of China’s National Energy […]

China aiming for nuclear future

China will aim to base their nuclear future around new nuclear, with the country aiming for an increase of up to 300GW of power through nuclear coming online within the next 10-20 years according to a senior official, reported China Daily. Shi Lishan, deputy director of the National Energy Administration’s new-energy and renewable energy department […]