Listed Victorian barns use ground source heating

A set of listed Victorian barns on a Cambridgeshire farm being converted into houses are part of a £4million ground source heating project. Heat pump specialist Econic has dug three boreholes, the deepest going 140 metres into the ground. The “low grade energy” collected is then elevated in temperature by the heat pump system and used to […]

Biomass has been the “Cinderella” of renewables too long

Biomass has been the “Cinderella” of renewables too long, according to the Managing Director of an energy firm which has been selling the technology for a decade. Paul Clark of Melton Mowbray-based Rural Energy, part of the Myriad CEG group, believes the technology has been pushed out of the headlines by solar and wind. Biomass […]

FiTs change will "kill off" business interest in solar

Changing the level of subsidy for solar power will effectively “kill off” the commercial sector’s interest in the energy source. This is the claim from the UK’s largest renewable energy equipment supplier, which suggests that cuts to the Government’s Feed in Tariff (FiTs) due in December come way too soon and make the rate of […]

Wind customers suffer knockout blow

The wind sector will receive an unlikely boost from turbine manufacturer Proven Energy collapsing, although the same can’t be said for its customers, according to the managing director of Myriad CEG. Last month Proven Energy stopped sales of its Proven 35-2 turbine after finding a defect in three machines and forced the company’s collapse. Irish […]