Electric motor developer closes $1.8m funding round

Infinitum Electric will use the money to develop more efficient and long-lasting motors

Bottle maker slashes energy use with efficient upgrade

A plastic bottle manufacturer has slashed energy use by 60% and ramped up output by almost a third after installing a new technology. Northern Irish firm PrimePac had been using a 23-year old blow molding machine to create its bottles – because it had spent its life running 24 hours a day, five days a […]

Renault wins €400m for eco-friendly project

Car manufacturer Renault has been granted a €400 million (£343m) loan for research and development into affordable and environmentally friendly vehicles. The project is aimed at improving Renault Group’s ecological credentials and exploring the options of making the vehicles significantly lighter by using different materials. Renault is also seeking to develop new concepts for “next […]