Moody’s buys majority stake in climate risk data company

Four Twenty Seven’s data and indicators are used by corporations, banks and government agencies to understand and evaluate potential climate risk they hold in their portfolios and activities

Wind power to grow in India, Brazil and Africa due to COP21

The growth of wind power will be “significant” in India, Brazil and Africa in the next five years. That’s according to ratings agency Moody’s which stated there will be a shift from mature markets in Europe and the US to emerging nations due to the COP21 agreement. Installed capacity of wind turbines in China reached […]

UK changes in energy policy ‘increase regulatory risk’

The recent changes in energy policies announced by the Tory government would have a negative impact on current renewable assets. A report from rating agency Moody’s stated although the country has been a “relative safe haven” for renewable investors with transparent regulation and support from policies designed to promote decarbonisation, recent changes may risk regulations. […]

Oil crash revenue warning for Centrica, E.ON, RWE

Energy firms such as Centrica, and DONG Energy could feel the sting of falling oil prices with a drop in their revenues, suggests the ratings agency Moody’s. Its new report ‘Global Corporate Finance: Airlines, Packaged Food, Shipping Get Biggest Lift from Oil Price Plunge’, holds a warning for European utilities which don’t just supply energy but […]

Water white paper could put off investors

Leading provider of credit ratings, Moody’s Investor Services, say changes to the way price limits are set in the UK have the potential to increase credit risk in the UK water sector. Regulator Ofwat published a consultation document in November 2011 describing how it might set price limits from the start of the next regulatory […]