HD video streaming on phone ‘creates eight times more emissions than SD’

Keeping the audio and turning off the video content on YouTube could save between 1% and 5% of the service’s total emissions, according to a new report

Wee-charge your mobile phone

What would you do if your mobile phone ran out of battery, you had no charger and all you needed to do was send a message to a friend? Well, UK scientists have developed a way of charging mobile phones using the “ultimate waste product”, i.e. human urine. Researchers at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL), […]

Solar headphones tune into people power

Chunky headphones are the music accessory of the moment – and now one pair comes with an in-built solar panel which charges your mobile phone. The headphones have a flexible solar cell which covers the headband and the energy generated is stored in two lithium-ion batteries in the two ear cups. However they will only […]