Around 40% of businesses’ online green claims ‘could be misleading’

The research found some websites were using ‘vague claims and unclear language’, including terms such as ‘eco’ or ‘sustainable’ or reference to ‘natural products’ without adequate explanation or evidence of the claims

Competition watchdog to investigate if ‘eco-friendly’ claims are misleading

The CMA is concerned the surge in demand for green products and services could incentivise some businesses to make misleading, vague or false claims about the environmental impacts of their products

ASA: British Gas ads were misleading

The advertising watchdog upheld complaints regarding the frequency of the energy firm’s boiler services

20% of products ‘don’t match energy efficiency claims’

One in five energy-using products such as fridges, washing machines, televisions and laptops claim to be more energy efficient than they actually are, new research claims. The Energy Saving Trust is launching a three-year programme to carry out over 300 inspections in shops and 300 in online stores and conduct lab tests to verify the […]

Ofgem’s new powers to protect businesses from ‘rogue’ brokers

Energy regulator Ofgem can now take direct action against brokers that mis-sell energy to business customers. It has gained new powers to clamp down on ‘rogue’ brokers and other organisations that market products or services to business customers in a misleading way. The energy regulator can stop brokers from using misleading marketing tactics and apply […]