Scientists discover novel way of using wasted milk to capture CO2 emissions

Surplus milk could be converted into activated carbons that could adsorb the carbon dioxide, according to a new research

Environmentally-friendly plant-based milk on the rise

Around 37% of 16-24 year olds who have reduced their cow milk intake say they have done so as a result of environmental factors

Dairy cows
Dairy farms moove towards carbon free future

Arla Foods has unveiled plans to become completely carbon neutral by 2050

Tetrapak pours all-renewable carton onto shelves

When the people of Finland pop down to the shops to buy a pint of milk this week, some will be among the first customers in the world to get a carton that is made entirely from renewable plant material. A Finnish dairy producer Valio is selling lactose free semi-skimmed milk in the packages by Tetra […]

Sainsbury's pours praise on milk bags

Sales of Sainbury’s milk bags, which use 75% less packaging than standard plastic bottles, have hit around 110,000 per week. The bags now account for one in every ten two-pint semi-skimmed sold, twice as many as the supermarket originally predicted. The bags have been introduced as part of Sainsbury’s drive to reduce packaging by a […]