EDF: new nuclear could make UK £5bn a year

A nuclear revival could boost the UK economy by £5 billion a year, according to new research commissioned by EDF Energy. The French supplier is currently the front runner for new nuclear power in Britain, with plans for four new UK plants including Hinkley Point C in the south west of England. It is yet […]

Green building group gets £1million boost

The Department for Business and Innovation is giving a green building group £1million to speed up its work supporting sustainable efforts in the construction and property sector. Business Minister Mark Prisk announced the Green Construction Board (GCB) will get the extra cash injection yesterday. The Minister, who co-chairs the GCB said: “The Government is determined to […]

Brits too ‘snobby’ to pick engineering jobs

Brits are sometimes too “snobby” to pick engineering jobs. That’s the concern of one trade body expert who warns Government attitudes aren’t helping the sector’s image for young workers. Figures suggest almost 90,000 jobs in science and engineering will needto be filled by 2016 because of retirement alone. Industry figures see this as a real […]

Edinburgh bags Green Investment Bank

Business Minister Mark Prisk talks up the benefits of the Green Investment Bank for the UK economy as its new home is announced.

BIS minister: Brits need to skill up for nuclear and renewables

Britain must work hard to develop its workforce in both nuclear and renewables, a BIS minister said today. Mark Prisk, the Business and Enterprise Minister said this would be vital if Britain is to compete on a global level. Appprenticeships will play a key role in “getting the skills right”, he said. Mr Prisk told […]

Government in partnership to launch low carbon vehicles

A partnership of 13 automotive companies, government organisations and energy companies has been formed to secure UK’s global role in the manufacture of ultra-low carbon vehicles. The new initiative, UK H2Mobility, will speed up the development and introduction of hydrogen-fuelled vehicles in the UK before the launch to consumers in 2014/15. Business Minister Mark Prisk […]

Low carbon car grant extended to vans

Van buyers will get up to £8,000 off the cost of electric vans, the Transport and Business Ministers announced today. This is an extension of the Department for Transport’s plug-in car grant which aims to make low carbon cars more affordable for consumers by giving motorists up to £5000 (25% off) when buying a new […]

Government outlines low carbon industry plan

Business Minister Mark Prisk today made plans for Britain’s low carbon future which involve the government working closely with the construction industry. The joint action plan sets out several key points of strategy: –the creation of a new government and industry board –a transparent plan to incentivise key steps over the next six months. –reform […]

Construction industry faces "quantum change" to hit carbon targets

The construction industry faces a “quantum change” if it is to meet the low carbon agenda, according to an industry report published today. The Innovation and Growth Team (IGT), which is drawn from the construction industry, was tasked by the government to consider how the construction sector could meet the low carbon agenda. The report […]