CNG stocking up on manure to produce ‘first net zero fuel for HGVs’

The firm plans to offer carbon-neutral biomethane to businesses from 2021

Equi Energy gallops towards stable energy system

ELN spoke to founder Amber Zakrzewski about her plans to convert heaps of horse dung from stables and fields across the country into biomass pellets

Poop-power hydrogen gets things moo-ving in Japan

Japanese cars could soon be driving around powered by poop rather than petrol. That’s according to researchers at industrial gas manufacturer Air Water, who say converting manure from cows, pigs and chickens into hydrogen on the dairy farming island of Hokkaido could potentially help decarbonise the region’s transport sector. In January, the Environmental Preservation Centre […]

Farmers cut bills by cutting pollution

Farmers who are reducing the risk of polluting nearby water reservoirs are also cutting their bills. The findings come ahead of a deadline for certain farmers, who work in areas with a high risk of pollution called Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs), to have up to six months’ storage for livestock slurry in place. Slurry and […]